I started Foodies simply to share my impressions of food that I encounterd in Japan and other countries.
I hope to inspire people to savour and enjoy the time they spend preparing and eating food. I also hope to reveal the rich diversity and importance of food within the cultures of different countries. I believe that understanding food and culinary culture of different countries is one of the easiest and fastest ways to know and understand the people. Food is one of the most essential things in the human life and the culinary culture of a country embodies the country’s own history, spirit and joy.
I hope you too can discover and enjoy the different tastes of food from other countries and gain an insight into the people and places it's from.


Six Senses Resorts & Spas - Phuket, Thailand

Wonder of human senses

The Six Senses Sanctuary(Six Senses Destination Spa) is dedicated to transforming the lifestyle of its guests through a complete immersion into a healthy and mindful living.  They offer structured and personalized programmes that blend holistic fitness activities, organic fishetarian spa cuisine, wellness education, self-discovery classes, and relaxation and renewal.

They offer a novel and internationally inspired Spa Cuisine in which they try to use as many ingredients from their own ecologically grown gardens.  There are wonderful fishetarian dishes served with only the best the sea has to offer.

We can also have a Raw Foods dining experience. Raw Foods preparation, also known as ‘Living Cuisine’ avoids the use of animal products. It is high in nutrients and minerals with a maximum cooking temperature of 42 degrees Centigrade (116 degrees Fahrenheit) is strictly observed. This raw food cooking method allows enzymes and vitamins to be preserved which cannot be achieved at higher temperatures. Raw Foods preparations contain a higher nutritional content, resulting in higher energy levels.

I am very much a meat- lover. Six Senses Sanctuary has no meat. They use only fish and vegetables & fruit. They do not use oil except olive oil. Also, only when you ask, will you be given butter or coffee. The only beverages they serve are herb teas, fresh juice and organic wine. There is no beer and coke.

I was worried, wondering if I could live four days without meat! However, It was no problem at all! I found that meats or vegetables are not necessary for me. The important thing is the taste which can satisfy my stomach and brain.

Just because they do not use meat in their cuisine doesn't mean that their dishes are simple. The technical skills of the chef and the fresh ingredients make us happy and give us a fulfilling cuisine. They prepare their cuisine in Chinese, Italian, French, Japanese and Thai styles.

I can live without meat in Six Senses resorts and Spa. Food and our senses are wonders!

Raw Zucchini "Cannelloni" filled with herb and nut cheese on tomato basil sauce

Stir fried local fish with rice noodle, kale, carrot and soya sauce


KUTANI porcelain - SAICHI’s Dish + MAURI’s Chocolate -

"KUTANI" dish made by Saichi Matsumoto.

KUTANI means nine valleys and is the name of an area and a village. The two characters that make up the word KUTANI consist of the character for "nine"(KU) and "valley"(TANI). KUTANI porcelain was born in 1655. I enjoy serving the chocolate from a wonderful pastry shop "MAURI" founded by Francesc Mauri in 1929 in Barcelona, with beautiful green & gold SAICHI’s KUTANI dish.