I started Foodies simply to share my impressions of food that I encounterd in Japan and other countries.
I hope to inspire people to savour and enjoy the time they spend preparing and eating food. I also hope to reveal the rich diversity and importance of food within the cultures of different countries. I believe that understanding food and culinary culture of different countries is one of the easiest and fastest ways to know and understand the people. Food is one of the most essential things in the human life and the culinary culture of a country embodies the country’s own history, spirit and joy.
I hope you too can discover and enjoy the different tastes of food from other countries and gain an insight into the people and places it's from.


Cooking Class for Tourists in Japan

Ururu Kaigo, the Calinary Culture Expert, the Tourist Ambassador for NARA city, will provide a cooking class for International Tourists.

I will teach you some simple and beautiful Japanese local dishes.  At the end of the day, in addition to the nice pictures of Japan trip, you can also bring back home more memorable souvenirs, the food and especially the recipe, which later will remind you of the happy memories you have in Japan even though your trip is finished.

I will also advice and introduce you to the food shop, where you can find delicious Japanese food and seasonings like soy sauce and soup stock to bring back home for friends and family.

For more information about cooking classes, contact me by e-mail or  leave your comment on this blog.

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